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Good news - 4/4/19

The news isn't all bad. Here is some good news from the last week.

Prostate cancer is declining.
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Mona Lisa teaches girl life lessons.
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Police officers replace gardeners tools.
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Have a good daisy!

How gratitude can make you happier

There have been several studies conducted on gratitude and happiness.

A study at the University of California Davis asked one group of people to write down things they were grateful for every week. They asked another group to write down what was hard about the week. The group that wrote down what they were grateful for exercised more often, had fewer ailments and were more optimistic about the future than the other group

Another study at the University of Pennsylvania found that people who wrote thank you letters felt happier for a whole month afterwards. The same study also found that writing down three positive things every day for a week boosted happiness for six months.

Researchers at Eastern Washington University found that grateful people have four primary characteristics:
They feel a sense of abundance in their life.They acknowledge the contributions of others to their well-being.They appreciate enjoy life’s small pleasures.They recognize the importance of expressing gratitude.…